Tuesday 21st March 2023

A Plea for the Rain -Hari Sharma (Galkote Poet)

A Plea for the Rain

Oh Rain! My dear!! Did you hear a plea I made here?
Leaders in my country Nepal, are in their period there
Nasty, shitty, dirty covered with blood with cramping pain
They need some holy water to clean their dirty mess again.

Bagmati river is eagerly, impatiently waiting for her menstrual cycle
All the dirt around and inside, has made herself impure with follicle
Asking for some fresh water to clean herself, rejuvenate to be simple
All the plants in the garden are waiting for their refreshing new life.

This poor fellow residing in the US is suffering from Korona with great pain
Running out of gas, with shortage of cash, difficult to drive for gas again
Poor fellow, eagerly writing poetry and walking on a snail’s pace for marathon
He has been given a dash, running out of cash, really needs free car wash- rain!

Hari Sharma
Michigan, USA

सम्बन्धित शीर्षकहरु

नवनिर्वाचित उपराष्ट्रपति रामसहायप्रसाद यादवले आज पद तथा गोपनीयताको शपथ लिएका छन् । राष्ट्रपति रामचन्द्र पौडेलसमक्ष यादवले राष्ट्रपति भवन शीतल निवासमा…

दक्षिण अमेरिकी मुलुक इक्वेडरमा ६ दशमलव ७ म्याग्निच्युडको भूकम्प गएको छ । शनिबार दिउँसो दक्षिणी इक्वेडरमा गएको ६.८ म्याग्निच्युडको भूकम्पमा…

उपराष्ट्रपतिमा जसपाका रामसहाय यादव निर्वाचित भएका छन् । निर्वाचित यादवले पाँच सय १३ मत ल्याउँदा एमालेकी अष्टलक्ष्मी शाक्यले दुई सय…